Blogging Challenge – Activity 4 :D (My Avatar)!

How much does my avatar look like me out of 100%? out of 100 % my avatar looks like me about 50%! 😀

What sort of personality does your avatar have? My avatar has a bubbly personality & likes so play basketball, It also thinks its the “class clown”! 😀

What makes your avatar you? Well, It likes basketball & I LOVE basketball! It has a dog & I have a dog! &  its FUNNY! 😀

6 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – Activity 4 :D (My Avatar)!

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  2. Hello maddi, Im a girl from colombia. i really like you blog. i would like you to visit my blog. please visit it at:

  3. Hello Maddi, I am a university student from Mobile, Alabama. I am taking a course at the University of South Alabama all about technology. It seems your school is doing some fun things with technology. I really like the colors you chose to splash behind your blog. I also enjoyed reading about your Avatar. I see you and your avatar both like basketball and dogs. If I created an Avatar, mine would like baseball and cats. Thanks for sharing your information. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks Maria, I will check your blogg out for sure (:
    Thank you too Mary, In Australia we don’t play baseball much at all and cats are so cute (:
    Thanks you guys 😀

  5. I used to play basketball, but I was always guilted into it by my family. So one day I said no, and I haven’t played since. I like soccer now and I play 2 seasons of it a year. You should visit my blog sometime. My blog address is

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